Ask a Mom: Brittany Shimansky, Founder of the Britsbarre Virtual Studio

Alexa Alspaugh
In our series, "Ask a Mom," our founder Alexa talks to mothers who are experts in their fields. Below, she interviews Brittany Shimansky, founder of the Britsbarre Virtual Studio, about how to stay consistent with exercise and what she loves about her Daily Dress.
Alexa: Hi Brittany! I love following your workout tips online, and think the philosophy behind the Britsbarre Virtual Studio is really approachable. How did you develop your unique perspective on fitness, and what led you to found the Britsbarre Virtual Studio?

Brittany: A little about my background: I am a former professional ballerina turned pre/postnatal certified trainer, and I’ve helped women all over the world get in the best shape of their lives with my low impact, beat-based, muscle defining barre workouts in the Britsbarre Virtual Studio. 

In 2020 I navigated becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic, and it was actually my husband that encouraged me to start my own fitness platform after he saw the overwhelming response to current and former clients signing up for my barre classes on zoom. Fun fact: I taught barre live on zoom until the day before my due date! My Instagram community had also been asking for virtual, on-demand classes from me for quite some time. As I made the personal shift to exclusively working out at home in motherhood, the desire to support other women with the most effective, at-home workouts possible inspired me to take the leap and create my own company and method. I became a believer in the power of short workouts when I restored my strength and muscle definition postpartum with my barre exercises at-home, while also being a full-time mom and balancing breastfeeding on-demand for 2 years. I’m here to encourage you that it is possible to get in the best shape of your life at home- after having kids! 

Alexa: That's so inspiring, and so needed. On busy days it can feel impossible to get to a workout studio! How has your idea of fitness changed since becoming a mother? 

Brittany: Becoming a first-time mom during the pandemic rocked my world. I used to be an avid boutique fitness class taker, in addition to teaching daily in-person barre classes. I was never a “workout at-home person,” but the demands of motherhood made me realize I was never going to be consistent with workouts if I did not have an at-home routine with SHORT classes. I completely changed my mentality of needing to workout an hour a day to aiming for 20-30 minutes max on most days. What is amazing is that I am in better shape now after having a baby and working out LESS at home than when I was taking multiple styles of longer fitness classes in-person! 

My mission is to support other women in staying consistent with workouts they actually enjoy so they can feel their absolute best in their body while navigating life and motherhood. If you struggle with workout consistency and you do not have quick workouts you can do daily at home or while traveling- my virtual studio was created for you!

Alexa: I love that. How do you find the time and motivation to consistently fit a workout into your day?

Brittany: I stay motivated and consistent on the days I am tired and just not feeling it, (we all have them!), by reminding myself how good I feel after a workout. 

My top tips for consistency: 

1. I workout at home and keep my workouts short! Committing to a 20-minute workout, 5 days a week with zero commute is actually realistic! 

2. I follow the Britsbarre Calendar of classes on days I am not preparing to film classes or filming classes. A dedicated program takes the thinking and guesswork out of your workout routine. Limiting decision paralysis as a mom is so key! 

3. I give myself grace to take it easy on days I’m extra tired. Instead of skipping my workout, I remind myself every workout does not have to be “all out.” I listen to my body and take modifications on those tired days, but I still press play on class! 

Alexa: Those are great tips, and also it's so helpful that you actually create a schedule of workouts in the Bristbarre Virtual Studio. You just log in and press play, no decision making required! If someone hasn’t prioritized exercise in a long time, where do you suggest they start?

Brittany: Start with short, 10-15 minute classes like I offer in the Britsbarre Virtual Studio app, and give yourself grace. Focus on how you want to feel instead of how you might want to look, and take your movement journey one day at a time focusing on gaining strength, endurance and confidence! Find a way to move that you enjoy, and don’t underestimate the power of walking.  

Alexa: What do you love about The Daily Dress?

Brittany: What’s not to love about a dress with pockets and a built-in bra?! On top of the functionality, it is feminine, flattering and comfortable to wear. The Daily Dress is a mom wardrobe must!

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